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The following programs have been cancelled

because of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Myanmar New Year Celebration (Cancelled)

Research Seminar (Cancelled)

Scientific Meeting (Cancelled)

Guidance for Residency (Cancelled)

Community Health Fair (Cancelled)

Residency Mock Interview (Cancelled)


Upcoming Activities for Year 2020

Myanmar Medical Mission                       January 10-19  

        Quarterly Meetings

Myanmar New Year                                 April         26   (Sunday) Cancelled

February 15     (Saturday)

Research Seminar                                   May        17   (Sunday) Cancelled

March    21    (Saturday)

Scientific Meeting                                    July       19   (Sunday) Cancelled

June      20    (Saturday)

Guidance for Residency                         August  16   (Sunday) Cancelled

September 19 (Saturday)

Community Health Fair                           August   23   (Sunday) Cancelled

November    14 (Saturday)

Residency Mock Interview                     September  6   (Sunday) Cancelled


Annual Gala                                             December 5  (Sunday)



The Society is the voluntary non-profit and non-political organization under 501(c)(3).

It was founded to promote the Education, Culture and Humanity.

The Society has planned to perform following activities:

1. Seminars, Lectures and Scientific meeting for Myanmar Physicians
2. Myanmar New Year and Thagyan in April
3. Community Health Fair & Public Health Education in Summer
4. Annual Meeting & Gala in December
5. Donation of Medical Text Books and Journals to Medical Schools in Myanmar
6. Donation of necessary equipments and medical supplies to Hospitals in Myanmar.
7. CME and Medical Mission in Myanmar.

We would like to invite all Myanmar Physicians to join us in all activities.